Private Jet Charters Canada

Chartright Air Group is Canada's premier private jet charter service. With an expansive fleet of modern private aircraft, innovative charter programs, and over three decades of industry experience, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service and exceeding your travel expectations.

Private Jet Charter Programs

From occasional travelers to high-frequency fliers and those looking for unique options, Chartright has a program tailored to suit your needs and provides unmatched access to luxury private jet travel.


Casual Charter

Chartright's Charter service offers a personalized itinerary created for each journey, ensuring a bespoke private jet experience. This service is perfect for those who do not travel frequently enough to necessitate a Block Hours or Light Jet Leasing Program but still desire the convenience, comfort, and luxury of private jet travel.


Block Hours

Ideal for clients with frequent travel needs, Chartright's Block Hour program offers access to our entire fleet of private jets at preferential rates. By purchasing a block of flight hours in advance, clients can benefit from reduced rates  and the convenience of having guaranteed availability of aircraft even during peak travel times.


Aircraft Leasing Program

Chartright's Light Jet Lease Program offers a comprehensive and flexible solution that simplifies private jet travel for both personal and business uses. It provides a cost-effective alternative to full ownership with clear pricing and flexible options and ensures round-the-clock access to a light jet aircraft. Learn more about the convenience and affordability of this program here.

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Why Charter A Jet With Chartright?

Chartright offers a bespoke private jet charter experience, allowing you to choose your travel companions, whether colleagues, family, friends, or pets. Their luxurious fleet ensures unmatched comfort and absolute privacy, eliminating the usual hassles and long wait times of commercial travel.

Chartright’s scheduling flexibility, access to smaller airports, and over 35 years of exceptional customer service guarantee a streamlined and tailored private jet charter experience.

Exceptional Fleet Of Private Aircraft

Our extensive fleet of modern private jets ensures that no matter what your requirements, we can provide an aircraft that aligns with your specific travel needs. Whether your travel requires a large jet, a turbo-prop, or even a helicopter, we have the perfect private aircraft solution for you.

Click here to view our fleet of modern private aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Jet Charter

How does Chartright ensure their passengers’ safety?

Chartright Air Group boasts multiple safety accreditations, a highly-trained staff of professionals, and a three-decade-long, unblemished safety record. The highest standards of commitment to safety and maintenance in all our operations underline our dedication to providing a safe and reliable service for all our clients.

Learn more about our safety standards.

I'm an occasional traveller; which program is best suited for me?

Chartering options are in place for clients who fly occasionally and need the flexibility to choose from a variety of different aircrafts. It offers a personalized itinerary for each journey, ensuring the luxury and convenience of private jet travel without the need for frequent travel programs.

How can I get a quote for my private jet charter trip?

Access our Instant Quote feature to quickly receive a quote for one of our flights or simply contact our dedicated charter sales team. We will help arrange the private travel itinerary that best suits your needs and budget.

Book Your Private Jet Charter Flight Today

Chartright Air Group offers a tailored charter flight experience with unmatched comfort, flexibility, and access. Our devoted team, varied fleet of luxurious aircraft, and commitment to safety and world-class service ensure a seamless, unforgettable journey.

Contact us today for any inquiries about our private jet charter services.