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Enjoy the flexibility to fly anytime with Canada’s most expansive and varied charter fleet. We provide customized private jet charter experiences, ensuring unparalleled comfort, adaptability, and convenience for every journey.

Our Charter Programs

Chartright offers customized programs for all travelers, from occasional to frequent fliers, ensuring luxury private jet travel with a modern fleet and over 35 years of expertise.

Discover our range of private jet charter programs that we offer to meet your specific and unique travel needs.


Occasional Charter

Chartright's private jet charter service crafts personalized itineraries for each trip, offering luxury private jet experiences ideal for occasional travelers who desire convenience and comfort but do not require frequent flyer programs.


Aircraft Leasing Program

Our Jet Lease Program simplifies private jet travel for personal and business use, offering a cost-effective, flexible alternative to full ownership with 24/7 aircraft access.


Empty Legs

Utilize frequent empty leg flights for efficient private travel at reduced rates, suitable for business executives and impromptu journeys, ensuring a premium experience at a cost-effective price.


Explore Canada’s Largest Private Fleet

Ready when you are, our diverse fleet of over 45 aircraft, ranging from turbo-props to helicopters, is designed to meet any requirement. With options for both North American and global charters, we guarantee a seamless fit for your unique travel needs.


Our Dedication to Your Safety

With over 35 years in the industry, We pride ourselves on an unmatched safety record, underscored by our IS-BAO Stage 3 certification and ARG/US Gold Plus Rating, reflecting our strict adherence to safety protocols and proactive maintenance. Our commitment to safety ensures your peace of mind with every flight.

Experience and Consistency You Can Rely Upon

Fly with us for a tailored private jet experience. 

Experience a premium private jet charter with us. Benefit from our flexible scheduling, 24/7 operations, exclusive access to smaller airports, and over 35 years of exceptional service in the private jet industry, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Empty Legs

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