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With over 35 years of experience in Canada’s aviation sector, Chartright Air Group stands as more than a private jet company. We are a reflection of your achievements.

From private jet charters to tailored aircraft maintenance, we’ve spread our wings to offer a comprehensive range of private aviation services and programs.

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From Humble Beginnings

Our journey began in the late 1980s at Hangar 3, Toronto Pearson International Airport, starting as a modest aircraft management firm catering to a select clientele. Driven by growing demand, we’ve grown into one of Canada’s leading private aviation companies, with the most diverse and extensive fleet across the country.

Our expansion has been noteworthy, broadening our portfolio to include maintenance, charters, and FBO operations, catering to the dynamic needs of the Canadian aviation sector. We have significantly enhanced our presence at Toronto Pearson International Airport and proudly established FBOs at Waterloo International and Lake Simcoe Airports, marking significant milestones in our growth journey.

This history has cemented our reputation as a respected and reliable partner in Canada’s private aviation industry.

Meet the Leadership Team

Deep-rooted in the industry, our team boasts a leadership where almost half, including our President Adam Keller, are seasoned pilots.

Composed of dedicated professionals, aviation enthusiasts, and engineers, our commitment to the aviation sector is unparalleled. Our leadership team is driven with a genuine desire to lead, innovate, and exceed expectations.

Adam E. Keller


Andrew Money

Vice President of Flight Operations

Brenda Arkell

Vice President of Finance

Constantine Tsokas

Senior Vice President

Graham Nierop

Director of Sales

Justin King

General Manager

Linda Rhijnsburger

Vice President of Human Resource

Michael Gabriele

Vice President of Information Technology

Steven Proctor

Chief Pilot

Shap Divder Shap Divder

A Full Suite of Services

As aviation experts, we offer a diverse selection of private jet services including charter flights, empty-leg flights, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, aircraft leasing and more

Spanning across Canada and North America, we provide a wide range of charter flight options. Our exceptional service caters to all needs, making us a top choice for executive jet charters in Canada. Our varied fleet, from helicopters to heavy jets, guarantees comfortable, efficient travel with unique advantages

Our empty-leg flights provide affordable private jet travel, perfect for flexible travelers or those requiring last-minute arrangements. Enjoy the exclusivity of private flights without the high costs, making luxury travel experiences more accessible.

In Canada, our aircraft management services emphasize confidentiality, comfort, and safety. Leveraging over thirty years of expertise, we aim to offer tailored services that ensure a seamless and effective experience for Canadian private jet owners.

As an AMO certified by Transport Canada (#196-92), we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the safety, value, and clarity of our maintenance services. Our skilled engineers uphold the utmost standards, providing premier care throughout our North American network.

Providing customized services designed to cater to the needs of aircraft, crew, and passengers, we are recognized as a premier Fixed Base Operator at multiple Canadian airports.

Chartright’s Light Jet Lease Program, ideal for those flying over 25 hours a year, offers stable costs and the perks of ownership without the full expense.

Chart Right

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