Your Safety, Our Priority

At Chartright, we pride ourselves on upholding an impeccable reputation, marked by an unmatched safety record across our 35+ years in the aviation industry. At the core of our operations is a steadfast commitment to your safety. Our dedicated team collaborates tirelessly to ensure every client experiences a secure and smooth journey.


Gold rated Charter Operator

The Gold rating from ARGUS (Aviation Research Group US) is given to operators with a strong Safety Management System, a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan, effective procedures, and thorough documentation in Operations and Maintenance. Chartright Air Group has consistently held this Gold rating since 2007.



The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO), set by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and endorsed by the NBAA, is a global benchmark for business aviation excellence. Stage 3, its highest level, signifies deeply integrated safety management and a sustained safety culture. Chartright Air Group has upheld this Stage 3 status since 2017.

Safety Procedures

Our commitment is to ensure your destination is reached, swiftly and seamlessly. Above all, our priority is to ensure your safety during the journey.

Chartright has a robust Safety Management System (SMS) and few others do! The SMS is designed for assessment and management of both planned changes and quality escapes. The SMS includes:

  • Internal Evaluation Program – Scheduled, regular internal audits of every operations department
  • Annual internal hands-on practice conducting safety risk assessments so employees understand their role and how to complete one
  • Monthly safety audits of Base safety by the safety manager
  • Base facility security reviews and upgrade investments

In 2007 we began sending our pilots through an industry-leading Crew Resource Management (CRM) training program to nurture better communication between our pilots with the goal of creating a safer flight deck environment. The training includes Human Factors training, Communication Skills training, and Situational Awareness training.

Since 2007, we have taken it a step further by developing our own in-house CRM training program and we’ve had it approved by Transport Canada. And because we believe so strongly in the platform, we now even require our flight coordinators, client service representatives, maintenance technicians, and line service personnel to attend CRM classes annually as they are an extension of the crew, on the ground.

While we do all we can to maintain a safety culture that will prevent safety incidents, we are committed to company-wide preparation in case of an event. Many  others barely meet the minimums in this preparedness.

  • We train all team members to respond to incidents and emergencies
  • We train with our Bases
  • We team with an industry leader in humanitarian response for drills and active events
  • We monitor security at client destinations real time and monitor our aircraft enroute for any unusual anomalies that could indicate difficulty – if we see something, we contact the flight

Our Flight Operations Support Centre is staffed 24/7 by a team of highly trained Dispatch personnel.   These staff members coordinate the requirements of upcoming trips, monitor the progress of ongoing flights, and coordinate external parties to ensure all the world-wide destination we fly are fully prepared for the arrival of our aircraft and clients.

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