Aircraft & Aviation Management Services

With over 35 years of industry leadership, Chartright Air Group offers reliable and transparent aircraft management services to clients across Canada. Trust us for a seamless and productive private jet ownership experience.

Private Jet Purchase Counselling

Buying a private jet can be a complex process filled with potential pitfalls. Chartright is here to simplify this journey, offering Aircraft acquisition support at every step. Any decision to purchase should be followed by an in-depth analysis comparing your mission and budgetary needs against aircraft performance, regulatory compliance, pedigree, maintenance history and costs of operation. Let us help avoid costly mistakes and ensure you choose the jet that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

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Personalized Private Aviation Management

Our Chartright Client Account Executives stand as the cornerstone of personalized private aviation management. Leveraging their deep industry knowledge and expertise, they serve as your single point of contact, simplifying the intricacies of private jet ownership into a simple phone call.

Whether you need immediate flight requests or detailed updates on your aircraft status, your assigned Client Executive is dedicated to offering real-time solutions.

Private Jet Charter

Chartright's private jet charter services offer a straightforward option for aircraft owners looking to offset their costs. By joining our aircraft charter pool, your jet can serve other discerning clients across Canada who value reliability and quality, turning downtime into a source of income.

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Private Jet Fleet Access

We recognize the diverse needs of our private jet owners, which is why we offer unparalleled travel flexibility through our Fleet Access program. This initiative allows clients to use any aircraft within Chartright's charter fleet at the same price it would cost its owner.

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Private Aircraft Maintenance

Chartright Air Group epitomizes quality and efficiency in aircraft maintenance. Our seasoned engineers hold themselves to the highest industry standards, overseeing every detail to ensure your jet's optimal performance and safety.

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Safety Standard

Our extensive safety accolades affirm our deep-seated commitment to safety management and operational excellence, positioning us as a trusted leader in business aviation globally. Look to Chartright for a steadfast commitment to safety and quality in every aspect of your aircraft management journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Management

What will Chartright's aircraft management services handle for me?

Chartright provides an effortless aircraft ownership experience, offering personalized aviation management, lucrative charter programs, flexible fleet access, in-house maintenance, and a staunch commitment to safety and quality in all aspects of your aircraft’s management.

If I decide to charter my plane, will it be available when I need it?

Yes, we prioritize your jet's availability according to your schedule. Even when your jet has been chartered, our Fleet Access program ensures you have a suitable alternative ready in the event your travel plans change.

Can Chartright assist with the logistics of international travel?

Absolutely. Chartright provides a hassle-free travel experience, managing all logistical aspects of international journeys, including flight planning, customs clearance, and ensuring adherence to global aviation regulations and standards.

What distinguishes Chartright's Client Executives?

Our Client Executives are industry experts who serve as a single point of contact to Chartright and your aircraft, offering personalized, real-time solutions and guidance, simplifying the complexities of private jet ownership and ensuring a seamless and productive experience.

Chartright Air Group Private Jet Management

With more than 35 years of private aviation experience, Chartright is your reliable partner for aircraft management services in Canada. Our dedicated team, including Client Executives and maintenance experts, works around the clock to ensure your aircraft ownership experience is seamless and stress-free.

Experience the ease of aircraft management with Chartright Air Group; contact us today.