Aircraft Maintenance Company

Air Group provides straightforward, seamless aircraft maintenance services to private jet owners across Canada.

Private Jet Maintenance and Inspection

Maintaining optimal functionality and safety of your private jet is our utmost priority at Chartright Air Group. Upon arrival at our facility, our experienced team immediately engages, harnessing a blend of technical proficiency and unwavering commitment. Our objective is to provide your aircraft with the comprehensive care that it merits.

Trust us to keep your private plane in pristine working condition, ready to take to the skies at a moment's notice, with a suite of maintenance services including but certainly not limited to:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Checks
  • Warranty and Parts Program
  • Aircraft Maintenance Tracking and Forecasting
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Avionics
  • Technical Records Review

Chartright’s Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

The expertise of the technicians overseeing your aircraft maintenance significantly influences the quality and reliability of the service. Chartright boasts a team of skilled aircraft maintenance technicians who are well-acquainted with a wide variety of aircraft.

Their industry-leading expertise ensures that your private jet receives meticulous attention, averting issues such as delays due to inadequate servicing. They are proficient in a comprehensive range of manufacturers, including:

  • Bombardier
  • Gulfstream
  • Cessna
  • Dassault Falcon

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Commitment to Safety

At Chartright, we hold a sterling reputation for maintaining an unparalleled safety record in our 35+ years in the industry due to our consistent adherence to stringent safety protocols and proactive maintenance and inspection measures.

We operate with a foresight that preemptively addresses potential issues before they escalate. When you choose Chartright, you're opting for a legacy of safety excellence anchored by a team that leaves no stone unturned in guaranteeing your peace of mind with each flight.Learn more about our safety standards.

Chartright’s FBO Facilities

Our comprehensive, third-party aircraft maintenance services can be found at Chartright’s FBOs. Supported by modern amenities and staff with a keen eye for detail, these facilities are dedicated to the meticulous care and upkeep of your private aircraft.

Kitchener-Waterloo FBO

At the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YFK), Chartright Air Group's Kitchener-Waterloo FBO accommodates advanced aircraft maintenance services. With modern technologies and a knowledgeable team, this facility can meet the rigorous demands of private jet upkeep, from routine mechanical checks to de-icing, in a space large enough to accommodate aircraft such as the Boeing 767.

Lake Simcoe FBO

Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (YLS) is home to Chartright’s 34,000-square-foot FBO and hangar. This facility offers a broad suite of specialized services round the clock. With an emphasis on precision and efficiency, the team at Chartright's Lake Simcoe FBO will ensure that your aircraft is well-maintained and ready for its next journey.

24/7 AOG International Support

In the dynamic world of aviation, unforeseen setbacks can occur, grounding your aircraft and potentially disrupting your plans. At Chartright Air Group, we are prepared to tackle these challenges head-on with our 24/7 Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support.

No matter the hour, we have dedicated teams ready to spring into action in Canada and around the globe, mobilizing resources and expertise to get your private jet airborne again with minimal delay.

Private Aircraft Parts Desk

We recognize that the availability of quality aircraft parts is a pivotal factor in ensuring the efficiency and safety of your private aircraft. Our dedicated parts procurement team goes above and beyond in facilitating the swift procurement of parts.

Our team leverages their in-depth knowledge and the company's considerable buying power to secure parts at cost-effective prices, savings we delight in passing on to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Maintenance

How often will you inspect my aircraft?

Inspection frequency varies based on aircraft type and usage. Typically, it's dictated by manufacturer guidelines, which might require hourly, daily, or monthly checks. We'll help establish a schedule that ensures safety and optimal performance.

What happens if my plane needs maintenance and I need to travel?

In the event your aircraft requires maintenance during your travel plans, we offer alternative solutions, including arranging charter flights to ensure your itinerary remains uninterrupted.

Do you provide a warranty on the parts and services?

Yes, we provide warranties on parts and services as per industry standards. We prioritize quality and durability to offer you the best possible service experience.

How experienced are your maintenance technicians?

Our technicians are highly skilled with extensive experience across various aircraft types. They undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and technologies.

Can you handle unexpected maintenance issues anytime?

Yes, our 24/7 AOG International Support is ready to tackle unforeseen issues at any hour. We mobilize our resources globally to get your private jet airborne with minimal delay.

Chartright’s Private Jet Maintenance

Choosing Chartright Air Group for your aircraft maintenance needs means entrusting your private jet to a team that prides itself on an unmatched blend of safety, service, expertise, and efficiency. From timely maintenance to securing the finest parts for your aircraft in Canada and internationally, our suite of services keeps you flying smoothly and safely.

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