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Providing turnkey, expert and personalized aircraft management solutions for over 30 years.

Aircraft Management

Our aircraft management service is tailored to the unique requirements of the individual aircraft Owner.  The average managed aircraft generates over $800,000 per year of charter revenue for its owner

Employing a layered approach to service, the Owner experience begins with an assigned Chartright Client Executive.  The Client Executive channels the expertise of our 24/7 Flight Operations Centre, dedicated Maintenance Desk and proprietary Customer Service Portal to keep the Owner up-to-date with his aircraft, while providing immediate answers to questions and flight requests.

Aircraft Maintenance

Chartright is a full-service maintenance provider dedicated to the rigorous upkeep of Owner aircraft. Highly trained engineers, extensively equipped facilities, dedicated Production Managers, an ample supply of spare parts, and a broad-spectrum warranty department.  Allow Chartright to apply its exacting standards to your aircraft and enjoy complete confidence.


Chartright’s FBO CYKF and CYLS are modern and bright facilities ideally situated to serve as an alternative to Toronto’s busy airport.  Equipped with a luxurious departure lounge, crew amenities and served by Canada Customs, FBOs have become Waterloo’s and Lake Simcoe's premier services FBO destinations.

Chartright also offers a Customs Sufferance Warehouse, on-site at the hangar.  This CBSA approved facility is licensed for short-term storage of goods not yet customs cleared.  Sufferance services include the handling and warehousing of inbound cargo on a 24/7 basis.

Acquisition Counsel

Purchasing a private jet is a joy-inspiring achievement.  Discovering you have purchased the wrong jet is not.  Any decision to purchase should be followed by in-depth analysis comparing your mission and budgetary needs against aircraft performance, regulatory compliance, pedigree, maintenance history and costs of operation.  What jet is best for you?  Ask Chartright – we know jets.

Allow Chartright to perform an analysis before you buy – a service we provide free of charge.

A Wealth of Features Available to Aircraft Owners

Chartright has expertise in all aspects of aircraft ownership. Regulatory Compliance, Accounting, Aviation Tax, Operations, Maintenance and Warranty. Chartright has you covered.


Chartright’s Client Executive program exemplifies our dedication to customer service. Every Chartright aircraft Owner is assigned a Client Executive who maintains complete awareness of Owner needs and absolute knowledge of aircraft status. The Client Executive serves as a single point of contact for the aircraft Owner and is the Owner’s conduit to all of Chartright’s services. Our Client Executive program places the infrastructure of an entire airline at the Owner’s disposal, in a trusted and un-complicates way.


Safety is the result of safe practices, enabled by continuity, discipline and sound judgement. Chartright possess the highest possible safety accreditations, including certification by Transport Canada, the International Standards Organization and Arg/US. More poignant than accreditation is Chartright’s safety practices. We are a mature and evolved flight operation structured to ensure a complete lack of conflict when hard decisions are necessary. We are fiercely protective of our unblemished safety record and would be proud to describe our practices in minute detail.


Chartright is Canada’s leading provider of private jet charter, a financial benefit enjoyed by its aircraft owners countless times throughout the year. A loyal following of discerning and respectful charter clients have come to rely upon Chartright – and Chartright’s aircraft owners – for their high-end transportation needs. Placing your private jet in Chartright’s charter pool will enable your aircraft to generate revenue when you are not using it and can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Fleet Access

The fleet access program allows an aircraft Owner to use any aircraft in Chartright’s charter fleet at the same cost enjoyed by the actual owner of the aircraft.  Unique to the industry, Chartright’s Fleet Access program is tremendously useful when a different size or range of aircraft is required, or when your aircraft is unavailable.