Press Release: Chartright Air Group Expands Lease Program to Include Mid-Size and Super Mid-Size Jets

May 09, 2024

Chartright Air Group, a leading provider of private aviation services in Canada, is pleased to announce the expansion of its successful Aircraft Lease Program to now include 7 – 10 passenger Mid-size and Super Mid-size jets. This expansion, driven by growth, and customer feedback strategically targets a key market niche between charter clients and aircraft owners.

Program Overview

The program has gained popularity for its simplicity, providing clients with short-term, low-commitment access, clear and predictable pricing, and just two transparent fees. It offers three categories of aircraft—Light, Mid, and Super Mid-size jets—providing comprehensive coast-to-coast coverage.


Occupied Hourly Rates:

  • Light Jet: $2,500
  • Mid-size Jet: $3,500
  • Super Mid-size Jet: $4,500

Supported by Chartright’s diverse fleet, this industry-leading program guarantees availability and requires only a one-year lease commitment. It offers the benefits of aircraft ownership without the long-term obligations associated with ownership. Additional features include the flexibility to access the entire fleet via the Swap Ratio Program, and the newly introduced Quick Return Discount.


New: Quick Return Discount

The Quick Return Discount is tailor-made for shorter trips spanning a few days and returning to the original departure location.

“We noticed that some shared ownership clients were coming to us seeking a more cost-effective solution for shorter, and multi-leg trips” said David Shaver, VP of Sales, and Marketing at Chartright. “In response, we introduced the Quick Return Discount, which not only extends the hours available for use but offers flexibility with specific route profiles and the benefits of guaranteed pricing and aircraft availability. ”


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