Chartright Air Group Expands with Exciting Opening of a new FBO at Waterloo Airport (YKF)

Chartright Air Group, Canada’s largest provider of private jet charter activity, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of their newest FBO, Hangar 64, at the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF). This state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone for Chartright as it expands its operations to better serve the industry’s growing demands and their growing clientele.

The FBO boasts an impressive 100,000 sq. ft. of space and 150,000 sq. ft. of ramp space, doubling Chartright’s footprint at YKF. This expansion is a direct response to the increasing demand from clients and the need for enhanced facilities outside of the Greater-Toronto-Area. It will also help facilitate the continued growth of Chartright’s managed fleet. By positioning the FBO at YKF, Chartright provides convenient access to a premier facility for clients seeking exceptional aircraft management and charter services while offering an alternative to TorontoThe FBO has a brand-new executive lounge area that is divided into a VIP lounge for private jet passengers and a comfortable seating area for corporate shuttle service passengers.

Chartright Air Group is dedicated to supporting the growth of local airline operators, and the addition of the FBO further strengthens this commitment. The facility features an exclusive hangar designed to accommodate several aircraft types as large as a Boeing 767. The FBO has also been bestowed the prestigious Air Elite designation by World Fuel.  By providing this exceptional space, Chartright aims to foster a flourishing aviation community and contribute to the growth of the regional aviation sector in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

“We are incredibly excited about the opening of Chartright’s FBO at YKF,” said Adam Keller, President of Chartright Air Group. “This expansion represents a significant milestone for our company, allowing us to better accommodate our growing clients’ needs while contributing to the growth of the regional aviation sector in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. This region deserves a state-of-the-art jet facility that reflects the remarkable achievements of this community.”

This recognition signifies Chartright’s commitment to delivering best-in-class customer service, ensuring an unparalleled experience for every visitor.

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Chartright opens a new FBO at CYLS

The County of Simcoe is pleased to welcome Chartright Air Group Fixed-Base Operator Services to the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (YLS).

The Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (LSRA) is ideally situated between the tranquility of cottage country and the bustle of Toronto. Aircraft based at the LSRA benefit from the convenience and relaxed pace of a regional airport serving both the city, and the cottage and visiting passengers and crew have ready access to the remarkable diversity of towns and villages, lakes and rivers, dining, and entertainment that the area has to offer.

The addition of Chartright Air Group as a fixed base operator (FBO) enables the LSRA to offer a full suite of passenger and aircraft handling services, including baggage handling, on-site customs, complete line service, aircraft cleaning, fueling, de-icing, hangarage, aircraft parking, catering, hotel, and car rental coordination. Chartright will also operate a full-service aircraft maintenance organization with a focus on turbine/jet aircraft. It is anticipated that a full-service FBO, notably one of Canada’s largest operators of private jet aircraft, will act as a catalyst for future investment at the airport.

Chartright’s 34,000 square-foot FBO and hangar facility at the LSRA features a generous lobby, passenger and crew lounges, pilot snooze rooms, a meeting room, and weather and flight planning facilities, which can accommodate aircraft up to the size of the Global 7500.

The County of Simcoe and minority shareholders the City of Barrie, continue their planned investments of more than $60 million into service and infrastructure enhancements at the LSRA. Once completed, the airport will provide critical connectivity to markets and knowledge-based resources to encourage investment and create new opportunities for local businesses and tourism operators while improving residents’ quality of life.

“Lake Simcoe Regional Airport is one of Canada’s newest and best positioned regional airport facilities and will enable Chartright to better serve the needs of our customers and the aviation community. We look forward to welcoming customers to our new facility at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport,” said Adam Keller, Chartright Air Group President.

“We’re excited to welcome Chartright Air Group to the LSRA. When we became the majority shareholder in the airport in 2020, County Council committed to ensuring that the Airport would soon become an economic engine for our region. With a growing business park, new labour opportunities, partnerships, and expansion of our infrastructure, we’re truly seeing our investments take flight. We thank Chartright for choosing Simcoe County and bringing jobs, business, and visitors to our region,” added George Cornell, County of Simcoe Warden.

“We are pleased to see the expansion and progress at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. Through continued investment, combined with strong partners like Chartright Air Group, we know that our vision to have the LSRA fuel our regional economy is on the right path,” said Richard Norcross, County of Simcoe Councilor and Lake Simcoe Regional Airport Board Chair.

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Chartright will open a new FBO at YKF

Chartright Air Group today announced the construction of a new FBO at the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF).  The YKF Fixed Based Operation facility will include a heated hangar facility capable of supporting private and commercial aircraft of any size, from a small business jet to a Boeing 757.  The availability of aircraft maintenance, aircraft grooming, de-icing, refueling and aircraft charter services will raise the service standard at the country’s fastest growing airport.

Known as Canada’s “Silicon Valley”, the Region of Waterloo boasts the second largest number of start-ups in North America.  The Region is poised for continued growth and expects its population of young and affluent individuals to swell to 742,000 by 2031.  At the same time, Toronto Pearson Airport could see passenger movements increase to 70 million per year, which will test the capacity of that airport and highlight the necessity and convenience of airports like YKF.  The Region of Waterloo International Airport is a member of The Southern Ontario Airport Network, an organization created to address these future capacity constraints in Southern Ontario.

“Our new and modern FBO is a needed addition to YKF infrastructure”, said Adam Keller, Chartright Air Group President.  “The facility will offer increased capacity and a wide range of enhanced services for private jets and will provide cargo handling and air ambulance support services.”  Keller added “as the premier provider of aircraft management service in the Region of Waterloo, and Canada’s #1 provider of private jet charter service, we are thrilled to participate in the growth of the region.”

Chartright has garnered national and international acclaim as an industry leading aviation company.  At each of Chartright’s seven base locations the utmost attention is given to ensuring the highest standard of safety and service. Chartright will continue to promote the YKF airport amongst its audience and looks forward to welcoming its clients to a new and state-of -the-art facility in the summer of 2022.

“Chartright Air Group’s expansion is a welcome addition to YKF. Since landing at the airport in 2015, Chartright has grown significantly, adding many highly skilled jobs to the Region of Waterloo’s workforce,” said Karen Redman, Regional Chair of the Region of Waterloo. “The services provided by partners like Chartright and the other 25 companies at the airport support our growing aviation sector and enable our community to continue to attract air service. We are excited by the opportunity this expansion represents and want to congratulate Chartright.”

The new FBO will start operating at full capacity in the fall of 2022.

Joint Press release was issued by the Region of Waterloo International Airport and Chartright Air Group.

Chartright’s Fleet Continues to Grow

Chartright Air Group continues to add flexible aircraft charter options to its fleet with the arrival of the midsize jet C-GTRG, a Gulfstream G200.

The latest addition to Chartright’s fleet of luxury private jets offers comfortable seating for up to 10 passengers. In-cabin amenities include a satellite phone, Air Show, and individual audio controls for the DVD & CD System. The aircraft is equipped with wifi capabilities, making the midsize jet suitable for business charter or leisure travel. With an exterior refurbished in 2014, and an impeccable interior layout with a stand-up cabin, this Gulfstream G200 embodies the look and feel of luxury.

With 8 of 10 seats occupied the aircraft has a range of 3,000 nautical miles. The Gulfstream G200 operates effortlessly to most points within North America and is capable of trans-Atlantic operations with fewer passengers aboard. Whether you are travelling from Toronto to Calgary or Montreal to Paris, modest operating costs allow this Gulfstream G200 to perform short-range charter flights without economic penalty, while handling long-range charter in comfort and with ease.

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