Chartright Expands Charter Fleet

Chartright is thrilled to add 3 new aircraft to the Charter fleet – Challenger 350, Challenger 605 and Global 5500. All three jets offer a premium travel experience, with stand-up cabins, spacious seating configurations, access to premium food service and a range of entertainment options to enhance the travel experience.


Bombardier Challenger 350


Location: YYZ, Toronto

Aircraft Type: Super Mid-Sized Jet

Passengers: 9

Range: 3,300.

The Challenger 350 stands out as the best-selling business jet, featuring a roomy cabin that can comfortably accommodate 9 passengers. With a range of 3,300 miles, it’s well-suited for short, medium, and long-range trips. The aircraft not only offers economical operational expenses but also showcases a luxurious interior complete with exquisite finishes, a level floor, and uninterrupted access to baggage. Its superior design guarantees passengers a consistently smooth flight from departure to arrival.


Bombardier Challenger 605


Location: YOW, Ottawa

Aircraft Type: Large Jet

Passengers: 12

Range: 4,200

The Challenger 605 is an impressively outfitted aircraft with a trans-Atlantic range of 4,200 miles. When fitted with a dinette, its interior can comfortably seat 12 people. Combining operational effectiveness with supreme comfort, this aircraft is an excellent selection for both medium to long-distance journeys and economical shorter flights.


Bombardier Global 5500


Location: YYZ, Toronto

Aircraft Type: Large Jet

Passengers: 12

Range: 5500

The Global 5500 is a prestigious member of Bombardier’s acclaimed Global series, establishing standards in private aviation. With seating for 12 passengers, the aircraft features two complete washrooms, an extensive entertainment system, sleeping facilities for 7, and an impressive 5,500-mile range. It enables direct flights from Toronto to various European locations, guaranteeing the highest level of comfort for its passengers.


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Chartright Air Group adds two new Cessna aircraft

Chartright Air Group has announced that it has added two new Cessna aircraft, a Citation X and Citation Excel. The Cessna Citation X will be based at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM). Manufactured by Cessna, the aircraft has a range of 3,000 nm and a cruise speed of 525 knots, making it the fastest cross-continental private jet in the world. The aircraft can accommodate 8 passengers onboard, and the combination of cabin size and economics makes Citation X well-suited for short, medium, and long-range flying.

The Cessna Citation Excel will be based in Chartright Air Group’s newest FBO located at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. The Citation Excel, a mid-size jet, offers impressive performance, reliability, and comfort. The aircraft can accommodate 7 passengers on board and can fly non-stop at 1,700 nautical miles at a cruise speed of 420 knots.

The Citation Excel provides a great experience to leisure and business travelers with the roomiest cabin in its class of corporate jets.

Visit the press release page here.


Chartright expands the Citation fleet

Chartright’s Citation fleet has grown by 50% with the Citation Excel and Encore addition. Both aircraft are based at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, YYZ.

The Citation Excel, a mid-size jet, offers impressive performance, reliability, and comfort. The aircraft provides a great experience to leisure and business travelers with the roomiest cabin in its class of corporate jets, two Pratt and William PW500 turbofan engines, and advanced Honeywell avionics. The Citation Encore is an enhanced version of the Citation Ultra, one of the most popular aircraft in the light jet category. The aircraft features upgraded engines, more efficient fuel performance, and a redesigned interior to ensure a smooth ride, agility, and comfort during a short-range trip.

Chartright Calgary welcomes a Citation Ultra. The Citation Ultra provides excellent short-field performance and can operate from short runways at high altitudes. The light jet is famous for its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. The Citation Ultra will join the current Western-based fleet that has the Falcon 2000LX, Challenger 350 & Challenger 300 under the brand umbrella.

Press Release was issued on GlobeNewsire, February 10, 2022.

Focusing on Options for our Customers

As private jet travel continues its gradual increase month-over-month, we’ve been spending time as a company evaluating and aiming to improve our service offering. We remain optimistic of improving market conditions and are planning the launch of two new programs in the fall that will help more travelers experience the benefits of private travel. In addition to aircraft management and private jet charter options, the first program will offer an aircraft lease with guaranteed availability, pricing, and no positioning cost. The second, is an air charter program that allows clients to purchase access to private jet aircraft in every category at preferred rates in blocks of 25 & 50 hours.

With the Canadian border closed to non-essential travel from the US, the North & South Bound traffic is still much slower than usual. However, we remain hopeful for a return to more normal levels this fall. According to WingX Business Aviation Intelligence, flight activity in North America is still 29% below normal, but up 20% since the start of June 2020. That said, flight activity in Florida and Arizona increased significantly compared to Canada and the rest of the US posting even higher levels than in 2019.

Chartright’s Fleet Continues to Grow

Chartright Air Group continues to add flexible aircraft charter options to its fleet with the arrival of the midsize jet C-GTRG, a Gulfstream G200.

The latest addition to Chartright’s fleet of luxury private jets offers comfortable seating for up to 10 passengers. In-cabin amenities include a satellite phone, Air Show, and individual audio controls for the DVD & CD System. The aircraft is equipped with wifi capabilities, making the midsize jet suitable for business charter or leisure travel. With an exterior refurbished in 2014, and an impeccable interior layout with a stand-up cabin, this Gulfstream G200 embodies the look and feel of luxury.

With 8 of 10 seats occupied the aircraft has a range of 3,000 nautical miles. The Gulfstream G200 operates effortlessly to most points within North America and is capable of trans-Atlantic operations with fewer passengers aboard. Whether you are travelling from Toronto to Calgary or Montreal to Paris, modest operating costs allow this Gulfstream G200 to perform short-range charter flights without economic penalty, while handling long-range charter in comfort and with ease.

Chartright Air Group Launches Customs Sufferance Warehouse

Chartright Air Group, operating an FBO at the Regional of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF), is expanding its operation to include a Customs Sufferance Warehouse as part of its 50,000 sq-ft hangar facility as of August 2019. The CBSA approved facility will now be licensed for short-term storage of imported goods not yet customs cleared, with cargo rates as low as $0.13 CAD per pound. Sufferance services offered will include the handling and warehousing of in-bound cargo on a 24/7 basis, with advance notice. Additional services offered by Chartright Air Group at CYKF include a full service FBO include a pilot’s lounge, aircraft maintenance and management, short and long term hangar rental, fuel sales (Jet-A1) and a private departure lounge.

For more information, contact Peter Uddenberg, General Manager, FBO, Region of Waterloo International Airport. FBO/Departure Facility: Chartright Frequency 129.475

Chartright Air Group Acquires Additional Hangar Space in YYZ

Toronto, Ontario, September 23, 2019 – Chartright Air Group, one of Canada’s leading providers of private business jet services, has today completed the acquisition of assets of MX Aerospace and FSS Flight Solutions & Services Inc., respectively providers of aircraft maintenance and hangar at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson Airport. This acquisition provides Chartright Air Group control the majority of space and maintenance activity in Hangar 9, a 100,000 FT2 facility capable of accommodating the largest of business jets.

“Through this strategic acquisition, ” says Adam Keller, President of Chartright Air Group, “we are significantly increasing our capacity at Toronto International Airport allowing us to offer our clients greater support in all categories of business jet aviation and to welcome new clients to the Chartright experience.”

For more information, contact Peter Bruyere, VP Sales & Service at

About Chartright Air Group

For over 30 years, Chartright Air Group has been a leader in providing private business jet services in Canada.  The pillar of Chartright’s success is the discipline of reliable, accurate, customer oriented service. With a fleet of 50 jet aircraft, including one of North America’s largest fleet of Bombardier business jets, Chartright charter clients may select from a wide variety of aircraft options. Chartright aircraft owners receive unique, personalized service through dedicated Client Account Managers and an innovative web portal, providing complete schedule and cost transparency. With bases in Toronto, Chatham, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Fort Lauderdale, Chartright offers unparalleled business jet solutions throughout North America. For more information, please visit

Chartright’s AME takes a historic flight on the Lancaster

Article and main image photo credit: Ben Forrest of Skies Magazine. Article posted June 18, 2018.
Photo credit (below):  Erik Woods of Skies Magazine.


As the late-morning sun heated the tarmac at Region of Waterloo International Airport on June 15, Phil Etheridge stood under the left wing of Avro Lancaster C-GVRA and thought about what it might have been like to fly the aircraft seven decades ago.

Etheridge, 67, a former production manager with Chartright Air Group, was minutes removed from his first-ever flight in the Lanc, a short hop from Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ont., to Waterloo for the 2018 Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) Convention and Exhibition.

“You have to think back,” said Etheridge, peering out from a pair of dark aviator sunglasses and dressed in a green bomber jacket that belonged to his father Norm, lead engineer on the crew that restored C-VGRA to flying condition.

“Here we are flying on a beautiful summer day in the daylight with five of us in the airplane,” said Etheridge.

“To think that at one point 70 years ago they were flying at night, in the dark, eight crewmembers, and when something would go wrong–there’s not a lot of room in that airplane.

“It’s a skinny tube with a whole bunch of things that hurt you. I was thinking about those guys that in those circumstances–how on earth you would survive it.”

C-GVRA, better known as “Vera,” is one of the rarest aviation artifacts of the Second World War, one of only two Lancasters in flying condition and one of only a handful of surviving aircraft from the wartime production line at Victory Aircraft in Malton, Ont.

Norm, who passed away in January 2017, guided a crew of dedicated volunteers who overhauled and restored Vera after the museum acquired it from the Royal Canadian Legion in Goderich, Ont., in 1977.

“Once he got into it … it became a labour of love,” said Etheridge, who is also an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) and has been with Chartright since 2008.

“It became an airplane that would be a living monument to all of those who went to war and didn’t come back, and those who did come back.”

Vera was transferred to the museum after spending years on outdoor display in Goderich, a small town on the shores of Lake Huron, and restoring it to flying condition was no small task.

Eleven years passed before the aircraft officially returned to the skies on Sept. 24,1988.

Since then it has flown an estimated 1,800 hours, many of them with members of the public who pay $3,500 per hour, plus $125 for a museum membership.

Norm’s initial goal was to have the plane available to fly to England, said Etheridge, home to the world’s only other airworthy Lancaster bomber.

That dream came true in 2014, when Vera flew with PA474, a British-built Lancaster operated by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, England.

Norm watched the flights from a seniors home in Ontario but Etheridge went to the U.K. as a family representative and watched from the ground.

“It meant a lot when I was at Middleton St. George the night the airplane arrived,” said Etheridge, referring to the village and former RAF base where BBMF is located.

“There were veterans there in uniform that were standing on the ramp, and there were lots of tears. Similarly, when the airplane arrived in Coningsby, they had veterans there.”

Despite his family’s close connection to Vera, Etheridge had never flown with her. When a colleague from Chartright worked with ***Skies*** and the museum to arrange his flight and shared the news, Etheridge was beyond words.

“I just didn’t have enough words to express,” he said. “It was just such an honour to be able to ride in the airplane and know that my dad was involved. It was a very emotional day.”

The flight itself was cramped and noisy, he said. Vera is barely large enough for the average person to stand up in, and he had no words to describe the noise emanating from its thundering Packard-Merlin engines.

“I wouldn’t want to say it was a culmination, but it certainly was an exclamation point in what [the museum] considered my dad to be,” he said.

“There’s not many people in this world that have a living memorial to their family, and we do.

“And when the time comes when this airplane stops flying, it will still be there for our kids and our grandkids.”

Those rumbling engines are indescribable, he said. But he and his family know it well enough to spot Vera without seeing her.

“We’re out and about in the countryside, and we’re downtown Toronto during the Ex [the Canadian National Exhibition] and you can hear her coming,” he said.

“It is just a living testament to my dad and to all of the people that worked at [the museum] to put the airplane together.”

Click here to read the article on Skies Magazine‘s website.

Chartright Awarded IS-BAO Stage III Certification

Chartright is proud to announce that it has been awarded with IBAC’s International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage III certificate. Stage III certification is the highest category possible and is achieved only when safety management has become fully engrained in the company’s culture and a positive safety culture has been sustained over time.

IBAC (International Business Aviation Council) is an organization consisting of business aviation associations from around the world. The purpose of IBAC is to promote the highest standards of business aircraft and helicopter flight operations by way of implementing best practices identified in various carriers from around the world. An operator’s success in performing to those standards is recognized by achieving IS-BAO certification.

Of the more than one thousand air certificate holders in Canada, Chartright is one of only four to have achieved the Stage III designation and is amongst the distinguished group of only 20% of operators worldwide to have done so.

Robert Squires, Vice President of Operations, Chartright said: “We are proud to see that our hard work and commitment to developing a culture focused around safety and quality has been recognized by IBAC with this highest ranking certification. We are excited to be one of only a select few to have been awarded the IS-BAO Stage III certification in Canada.”

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