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Chartright is a key player in the private aviation sectors of Regina and across North America. Our impeccable safety record, extensive luxury fleet, expert staff and world-class customer service will change the way you think of travel.

Private Jet  Charter Flights Regina

We are proud to provide top-tier charter flight services from Regina International Airport (YQR), a critical airport in central Canada. Opting for a private jet charter allows you to bypass the inconveniences commonly associated with commercial air travel, such as long lines, crowded lounges, and frequent delays, making it an ideal choice for business travelers with rigid schedules and individuals who appreciate comfortable travel.

Charter a flight with Chartright for a travel experience tailored to your tastes and comfort.


Empty-Leg Flights From Regina

Our empty leg flights to and from Regina provide an economical option for impromptu private travel, perfectly suited for business professionals with adaptable schedules or those seeking a last-minute getaway.

Private Travel Solutions Regina


Choosing Chartright

Chartright’s Regina base is ideally situated to serve the private aviation needs of central Canada. Offering both turbo-prop and jet services, Regina’s growing business sector has come to rely upon the efficiency of Chartright’s private aircraft fleet for both short journeys to small communities and long range flights to major city centres.


Private Jet Charter Regina

We offer exceptional private jet charter services to and from Regina. With a fleet of well-maintained, modern aircraft, we ensure you reach your destination comfortably and efficiently. Our dedicated team will arrange every detail of your flight, providing a seamless and stress-free experience. Enjoy superior travel with our extensive fleet of aircraft and our talented staff's commitment to your safety and service.


Aircraft Management Regina

Our aircraft management services provide comprehensive solutions for aircraft owners in Regina. From maintenance and crewing to flight planning and operations, we take care of all aspects of managing your aircraft, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership.


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