Citation Encore

The Cessna Citation Encore is renowned for its exceptional light jet experience, boasting the ability to fly longer distances and efficiently land in smaller destinations while carrying a larger number of passengers. This aircraft, along with the Citation Ultra, stands distinctively in its class, with the unmatched reliability and performance that allows them to access runways most commercial planes can’t. With an impressive range of 1,400 nautical miles (1,650 miles), the Encore is perfectly suited for coveted routes such as Toronto to South Florida, ensuring utmost comfort for its eight passengers with features like a refreshment center and a fully enclosed lavatory. Whether it’s a quick business trip, a weekend getaway, or a journey from Toronto to places like Ottawa, New York, or Miami, the Encore offers both affordability and unparalleled convenience.


The Model 560 was upgraded to the Citation Encore, with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535A engines. The aircraft can fly impressive distances of up to 1650 statute miles. The enhanced high-altitude thrust output of the PW535 engines allows the Cessna Citation Encore to climb faster and cruise higher. Its maximum cruise altitude is FL 450. The aircraft can take off from a sea-level runway at 3,490 feet.


Passengers: 8
Range: 1,400NM
Cruise Speed: 420 knots
Cabin Height / Volume: 4'11" / 310 ft3
Baggage Capacity: 67 ft3

Cabin Amenities

Private Lavatory
Cabin Temperature Control
Air Show

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