Challenger 350

The Challenger 350 has established itself as the top-selling business jet with a spacious cabin that comfortably seats 9 passengers. It can seamlessly cover a distance of 3,300 miles, making it perfect for short, medium, and long-distance flights. The aircraft not only boasts low operational costs but also features an opulent interior with fine finishes, a flat floor, and continuous baggage access, ensuring a premium flying experience. Its optimal design promises passengers a remarkably smooth journey from takeoff to landing.


Passengers: 9
Range: 3,300NM
Cruise Speed: 455 knots
Cabin Height / Volume: 6'1" / 860 ft3
Baggage Capacity: 106 ft3

Cabin Amenities

HD Entertainment System
Private Lavatory
Satellite Phone
Cabin Temperature Control
CD/DVD System
Full Service Forward Galley/Bar
Air Show
18″ Monitors
Chiller (Small Fridge)
Espresso Machine

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