Citation X

The Cessna Citation X is a medium size business jet aircraft manufactured by Cessna Aircraft. This private jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE3007C turbofan engines with 6,764 pounds of thrust, giving it a range of 3,000 nm. The Cessna Citation X is the fastest cross-continental private jet in the world. The aircraft can accommodate 8 passengers onboard, and the combination of cabin size and economics makes Citation X well-suited for short, medium, and long-range flying.


Passengers: 8
Range: 3,000NM
Cruise Speed: 525 knots
Cabin Height / Volume: 5.8 ft tall / 538 ft3
Baggage Capacity: 82 ft3

Cabin Amenities

Private Lavatory
Cabin Temperature Control
CD/DVD System
Full Service Forward Galley/Bar
Air Show

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