Citation Ultra

Chartright operates an impressive fleet of light jets in Canada, including the Citation Ultra. The Cessna Citation Ultra was an updated version of the original Citation V, first manufactured in 1989. The Ultra is a cost-effective, low maintenance, reliable and versatile aircraft, able to operate from short high-altitude runways and temperatures due to its straight wing design. The Citation Ultra is one of the most popular business aircraft ever built.


The Cessna Citation Ultra C560 is an economical business jet well suited for short/medium range flights and offers short-field solid performance. Two Pratt & Whitney turbofan JT15D-5D engines power the Citation Ultra offering 3,045 pounds of thrust. A maximum range of 1,960 NM is achieved with 4 passengers. The private jet is a great choice flying from Toronto to New York, Chicago, Florida, or Halifax.


The cabin volume for the Citation Ultra is approximately 300 cubic feet. The Ultra’s cabin is more than 17 feet long – one of the longest in any light jet and can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers.


Passengers: 7
Range: 1,650NM
Cruise Speed: 390 knots
Cabin Height / Volume: 4'11" / 292 ft3
Baggage Capacity: 67 ft3

Cabin Amenities

Private Lavatory
Cabin Temperature Control

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