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As Canada’s most seasoned private jet operator, we’re committed to delivering top-notch safety, service, and value to our aircraft owners, clients, and the aviation community. Discover our wide array of private jet services below.

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled private charter experiences across Canada and North America, with a focus on exceptional service that sets us apart. Our diverse fleet, from helicopters to heavy jets, tailored for both comfort and efficiency, to meet the specific needs of each journey.

We offer cost-effective luxury travel options with our empty-leg flights. Suitable for those who value flexibility or need to arrange travel at short notice, our service provides the luxury of private flight without the usual expense, making premium travel experiences more attainable.

Our aircraft management services in Canada prioritize confidentiality, comfort, and safety. With over three decades of experience, we focus on delivering customized services that provide a hassle-free and efficient experience for jet owners.

As a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO #196-92), we are committed to ensuring the safety, value, and transparency of our maintenance services. Our experienced engineers adhere to the highest standards, ensuring top-quality care across our North American network.

Offering specialized services tailored to meet the needs of aircraft, crew, and passengers alike, we stand as a leading Fixed Base Operator at several Canadian airports.

Our Light Jet Lease Program is designed for individuals who travel frequently, recommended for those who fly more than 25 hours per year. This program offers consistent costs and many benefits of ownership without the full investment, providing a practical solution for regular travelers.

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Let us help you plan your trip.

At Chartright, we approach every request with the same level of dedication, regardless of its size.

We offer customized programs for all types of travelers, from occasional to frequent flyers, ensuring luxury private jet experiences.


Explore our vast range of aircraft.

Discover our exceptional fleet and find the perfect aircraft for any requirement. Regardless of whether your travel requires a helicopter or a heavy jet, our fleet is tailored to accommodate the distinct requirements of your journey.

With access to a world-class fleet at the forefront of the industry, we guarantee each journey comes with first-rate amenities for an unparalleled travel experience.


      The effort behind the effortless.

      Recognizing that today’s owners expect more from their aircraft management company, we ensure every detail is meticulously addressed in our management solutions. This dedication is rooted in our unwavering commitment to safety and is enhanced through our personalized approach to achieving service excellence.

      Fleet, Corporate

      July 04, 2024

      Press Release: Chartright Receives Canada’s First Corporate ACH160

      Chartright Air Group, a leading provider of private aviation services in Canada, has taken delivery of Canada’s first corporate ACH160. The helicopter will enter into service immediately, as the first to be delivered in North America. "We are excited to be the first private aviation company in Canada to operate…


      June 24, 2024

      From Acquisition to Maintenance: The Comprehensive Role of Aircraft Management

      Owning a private jet may appear appealing and straightforward, yet it entails numerous challenges. Acquiring the aircraft necessitates considerable financial investment and ongoing maintenance responsibilities. Additionally, the logistical complexities of financing frequent trips must be addressed. This is where aircraft management services play a pivotal role. Keep reading to learn…

      Corporate, Charter

      June 03, 2024

      Skies Feature: Business Jet Alternative

      Chartright offers fractional alternative with Jet Lease Program By Lisa Gordon Live  Article: Here   Last fall, Chartright Air Group unveiled a new program designed to get more people into private jets. The hook? A one-year commitment, high flexibility and predictable pricing.   Since then, the Chartright Jet Lease Program…

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